Beatconnect API

The API is available for anyone who have a public project and who want to help me improve the API.
You can apply for an API key on the website on this link here
You get the full documentations in Markdown format with the API key.

Features are :
  • Search endpoint that provides beatmap informations and download links
  • Beatmap endpoint that provide information for a beatmap
  • PP informations for any beatmap with any mods
  • Trainer endpoint to get beatmap recommandations
  • Packs listing with list of beatmap
  • Background and audio only endpoints
  • Any other endpoint you would like to see for your project

The API is open for registration on the website for your personal projects. Certain types of projects (e.g. private servers) have additional requirements before accepting.
If you are planning on using it then you should get in touch on our Discord for help & support!
The API don't have any rate limits for the moment.